What are backlink?

What Are Backlinks To My Website?

Backlinks to your website occur when other websites link to your website, this can be to any of the pages on your website or even to an image you have on your website or server. Whenever you receive an inbound backlink particularly from authoritative established trused sites, it is like receiving a vote of confidence for a webpage in the eyes of google & search engines.

Links signal to search engines that one website thinks another website is trustworthy, authoritative, and provides valuable information. The more links - votes of confidence you get from other websites the more positive an effect this will have on a site’s ranking and search visibility, imagine the difference in sales or leads becoming number 1 for search terms used by people online for your business.

Why is my website not showing up on google?

Backlink building should be part of any businesses SEO strategy. Getting the traffic essential for growing your business orgaically and free, afterall the more visability you get simply means, more visitors, sales or inquiries £. You have invested money in a new website, now its time to get trusted and authoritative so you can get that free organic traffic, without needing to depend on google adwords.

Types Of Backlinks?

What Determines A Good Backlink?

There are many different types of inbound backlinks and some hold more value than others, google has strict guidelines for link building and what types of links hold value over others.

Google scores every website with an autority score from 1-100. The higher the authority score of the website linking to you and relevance to your business the better. Moz has comprised a list of the top 500 authority websites online.

What determines a websites authority score? Age, trust in niche, quality of links pointing to site and internal pages, social media following, 200 metrics combined determine authority scores.

However backlinks remain the holly grail of ranking online and most important metric.

Indiana jones picking the right cup is just as esstential as getting the right links.

What are backlinks?

Years ago link building was about quantity over quality, since the last google algorithm upates its about quality over quantity. What do i mean by this? Well say you own a Construction business, a website about cat food linking to you serves no real relevance, however a link from a construction website does, as its relevant. The link from the Cat food website could be seen as spammy and to many of them could get you banned by google. Google loves it when you link to other websites and websites link to you. The end goal google have is growing the internet like a spiders web, with relevant links going from and to relevant websites.

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Its vital your business gets off to the best start online. We have tried and tested ways of building the right types of backlinks for your business, we use all the latest white hat and grey hat techniques.

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Types Of Backlinks


  • Relevant - On topic - Same Niche - Or Trusted Site

  • Dofollow Links - Contextual backlinks off page SEO gold

  • High Authority Sites – Domain authority of 40+ is excellent

  • Editorial backlinks - News Articles - highly trusted

  • blogger Outreach - Correct niche - existing content

The GOOD ways are the RIGHT ways to build backlinks.

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  • Non-Relevant - Different Niche - Off Topic For Keywords

  • Spamming - comment sections of blogs.

  • PBN'S - Personal blog networks

  • Directory Listings - worked few years Ago - Waste of time now

  • Unnatural Looking - Anything that looks paid for and not earned.

  • Nofollow Backlinks - To many nofollow backlinks compared to dofollow

Let the experts take care of your link building.

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Ideally backlinks should come naturally to your content, content creatation should be that good people will want to outbound link to you.

Good off page seo link building should always be natural in the eyes of google. Buying links goes against the guidelines and can get you banned or deranked on search engines.

We have tried and tested buying backlinks over the years and found 99.9% of the links advertised for sale online prove to be inadequate and will do you more harm than good. Link farms, high spam scores - spammy links with no relavance or websites where you login and create an account in the hope of getting a backlink from a internal page that will never be indexed on google, also directory listings, 90% of them are unsatisfactory.

We have the experience of outreaching to authoritive sites within any niche and getting links. We check many of the 200 metrics google use for determing a websites strenght and can work out the best ones to get and then reach out.

We have a great system for outreaching, the beautiful thing is these links will look natural and be relavant to your niche and always be a good contextual mixture of backlinks with target keywords. They won't be linking out to half the internet also, which is key for looking earned and natural.

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#Grow your business

Its vital your business gets off to the best start online. We partner directly with google to ensure your business thrives online using all the latest techniques.

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