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Every person and business has a story to tell, whether you're a stormtrooper from a galaxy far far away or a local business selling services or products. Creating and search engine optimising the right consistent content on a well designed website and other marketing channels such as social media is vital to making your brand stand out.

Ultimately, content wins the wallets of your customers

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Are you struggling to create content? Is it holding you back from getting your business online? Do you currently have a website that is not delivering ? We can create fresh and unique content heavily search engine optimised for google and your target audience.

Once we create the content we can then engineer a marketing plan and way to promote it to encourage backlinks. One way this can be done is via social medias which can engage with your target audience, targeting them by location, age, common likes to your business niche. This can drive traffic to your website and at the same time build up an oragnic social following for future content.

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#Casestudy - Haunted House Belfast

A seasonal halloween event we needed to build hype and awareness fast. We did this by creating an informative, visually strong page on the website with payment and booking options.

To market the content and get the hype we knew social media would be the main driving factor, It proved to be absolutely explosive as many of the posts went viral. See below for 1 of the posts and metrics, we had 20+ posts just like this some with even better metrics than the example shown.

web design agency

The team at city tours belfast created an awesome series of videos with holograms and projecters that had been purchased for a creating video content for social media with the end goal of it being recieved well, liked & shared driving follow throughs to the website for booking and enquirries, this proved to be the perfect content to martet strategy.

Developing the correct content and picking the right marketing delivery method is vital to making or breaking any business. We have the experience with different delivery methods either on there own or in combinations to ensure whatever your message is you get heard loud and clearly.

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Other Content Types To Market

Youtube, twitch even great videos on your own website can make a big different in conversion, people love to watch video content. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after google and its all visual content.
Text or video sometimes won’t do. You’ll have options to mesmerize your subscribers, customers, or readers even when they aren’t near a computer. If they have a mobile device, they can still stream in content you produce through podcasts.

Here is a great link on how to promote podcasts and push your content in the right direction.
You will find that there could be a possibility of higher engagement when you deploy an app. Anything from a magazine or a blog to a full-fledged utility app are all ways to increase the value you provide for your readers or customers while increasing the overall time they spend on these apps.

We all remember flappy bird, the highly addictive game offering something for free with an upsell.

Hybrid apps are the future and currently trending in the tech world, you can read more about them here.
Presuming your already have a website? Great content and having it highly optimised for keywords.

The absoulute bread and butter stable for any business in todays world.
Creating content for other websites and platforms with the agenda of linking back to your website.
Pay per click advertising on Google or Bing, when setup corectly they can instantly be the driving force you need.
Paying attention to new mediums as they appear and getting on the band wagon quickly can put you a head of the curve, we follow many marketing experts to see what works and will always try new approaches.
The oldest one in the book. My personal favourite of them all, its free, do a great job for someone and they will tell everyone they know about you.

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Its vital your business gets off to the best start online. We partner directly with google to ensure your business thrives online using all the latest techniques.

We're ready to get started.

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