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We absorb every detail during a quick discovery consultation and design the best solutions from the ground up ensuring your idea hits the search engines in top gear.

Custom Solutions

We design and deliver custom solutions that prove to be cost effective, each solution is built with scalablility in mind from a local startup business venture to becoming a global superpower.

Everything begins with an idea.

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Support & Maintenance

We can fully support and maintain your website, with regular website updates including ongoing search engine optimisation and targeted pay per click adwords campaigns. This ensures you can run the day to day operations of your business and personal time knowing you have an experienced team on standbye to do the heavy lifting, helping you grow.

We can automate your business and website with booking systems for reservations for any service based business, this can all be fully managed by you with ease.

Chatbots now can play a vital role in dealing with common repeat questions from customer service issues to order tracking for ecommerce. We have secure automation solutions to streamline any business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritise the customer journey at every stage, continuously advising to ensure your website is always at the forefront of innovation,ensuring you always have the edge in the digital marketplace.

As a Certified Google Partner we have access to big data which gives us the highest level of insights into competitor data, market trends, conversion rates, search volumes and more.

Everything today is based on big data, with real time up to the minute reporting we can share all the latest insights with you. Easily understanding what areas are doing well on your website, and what areas need improving in real time.

See us as your digital partner !
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90% of digital agencys today only use wordpress, essentially a downloaded cheap and nasty template edited to work for your business - zero programming knowledge required, how to test for this?

Copy websites urls they showcase in past projects or even drop the company website url address www.example.com into the website here and search.

This will show you the template or if you test more than one site - templates they have used and pluggins.

Wordpress runs slowly and needs constantly updated as its easily hacked, it runs on pluggins which are like apps glued together to offer functionality, be careful you do not get ripped off and charged £1000s for junk.
Yes - This is the speciality of React Digitally, being lovers of code and programming, building a completely custom website from scratch. This offers many benefits, such as speed, customisation in design and above all security & scalability.
This completely depends on your requirements, Feel free to get in touch - we can do a quick fact find and get the best solution for you, followed by a no obligation price and timescale for delivery.
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If You need to make updates daily or weekly then a CMS - Content Mangement System may be the best option. We use government level secure systems built on the .net framework.
The average build time is 2-4 weeks to fully complete. In some case 4-6+ weeks depending on the scale of the project.
We have in house content writers who can develop keyword rich content on your behalf, however if you can provide this it speeds up the development time.

We can use stock images, however do you really want your website to look the same as 1000s of other websites with the same images? People can spot stock images from a mile away.

We would be more than happy coming out and getting the images we need with our camera gear. Alternatively, most mobile phones now offer amazing resolution now.

Did you know a recent case study found that websites with unque images rank better than ones that use stock images - you can read more here.

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