Why is my website not showing up on google?

Why is my website not showing up on google?

The basics - SEO 101

The best way to see if your website has been crawled by google and indexed is a simple search on google itself.

When conducting a website healthcheck its always wise to start at ground level and work upwards.

How do we do this?

Go to google com

Use the command - site:yourwebsite.com when searching on google

Whats does the site: command do? this lets google know you want all the search results only it holds in regards to your domain name.

The site: command will display all the pages google has indexed for your website, if its been indexed.

See image example below
why does my website not show up on google search results

Tip - count how many pages you have on your site and see if google has indexed them all, the clients website above has 25 pages in total and all show as indexed.

#Step 2

Website showing nothing on google like image below?

Website showing results, like image above - but not showing up on google for your keywords?

See all potential issues in dropdowns below.

why does my website not show up on google search results

New websites can show up on google in as little as 4 days, however it can take up to 6 months to get properly indexed. The speed a new website takes depends on how well your web developer has worked on your website before launching.

Some basic Search engine optimisation can go along way. Creating vital signals to google with trusted inbound backlinks with a google business profile is always a great start.

This is important in building trust from the new website launching. The more trusted websites linking to you the better start this will give you not only to get indexed, but ranking on google fast. With every new website we will register your business with at least 20 trusted directories to accelerate the indexing process.

#Tip - If you want to be number 1 on google from day 1 we always sugguest running an adwords campaign, this has instant results.
Before a good website developer even starts building a new website its important keyword research is done to find the correct keywords customers use to find your product or services online, this is the secret sauce in Search engine optimisation.

This is done through keyword research and creating great content with the most common keywords used by your target audience searching for you online.

This is not only added to your content descriptions but also to your meta, alts and title descriptions within the coding of the website.

With the example below for a windows and door company that only operates in the Belfast area we have combined the keywords + location with the search query, this is great as it shows us the volume of searchs. We then create content using this term and other common terms closely related to this, ensuring are target audience of potential customers can find us when we have the website developed.why does my website not show up on google search results.
Whats a robots text file? This file tells google and other search engines what to index and what not to index from your website. When a new website goes live it should have an xml sitemap created along with a robots text file, these 2 files work hand in hand speaking to search engines.

Within the robot texts file it will mention what to index and not to index from the sitemap file. Both files are essentials and need added to each website as it gives you a voice and direct way of speaking to search engines about your website.

One small mistake here can be a disaster, never being found on google or any other search engines.

We ensure when setting up your website it is fully optimised for SEO results and the robots text file cries out for getting the websites sitemap listed in every search engine.
Google may permanently or temporarily remove websites from its directory and search results if it believes it is obligated to do so by law, if the website does not follow Google’s guidelines.

  • De-indexed - banned and removed from google completely

  • Penalized - When your domain or page still exists but none of your pages can be found through very direct search queries. This penalty can be automatic through the Google algorithm or manually applied by a Google Quality Engineer.

  • Sandboxed – Your domain or page wasn’t Deindexed or Penalized, but the traffic you were getting from Google suddenly drops dramatically.

  • If your website has been easy to find in the past while searching on google and all of a sudden it has disappeared, its highly likely the website has been penalised or banned.

We can help to get you unbanned quickly.

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