Digital Marketing Strategies

Benefits Of Digital Strategies

A good digital strategy should always include a detailed marketing battle plan to improve business performance, using the latest technology and techniques to fully maximise any investment and learning curve to get the edge on competitors.

Most small businesses do not understand the power of digital marketing and think the costs outweigh the benefits. Digital marketing done right can take a business from being the leader locally online to globally.

Digital Marketing Strategies?

What Strategy Works Best For My Business?

We know what works for a local pizza takeaway shop compared to a local mortgage broker will be completely different, there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach.

How do you know the difference & what works? We know the pizza shop would be best focusing on social channels like facebook, running like and share competitions. Advertising within a certain radius to the shops location - example: 5 miles square.

We could even tweak this down to age and gender and common likes - pizza, similar businesses. The goal of social would be to build a following and drive traffic toward calling or ordering on a well designed website.

A free discount code within the social campaign to be used on the website would be great for tracking different campaigns. Once we have the customers contact details we can push out special offers directly to them via social media, mobile - email.

Why would Social be a better approach for the pizza shop compared to google adwords or SEO

Having done keyword research we can see pizza shops Belfast gets very few searchs per month on google.

digital marketing plan

What makes the local mortgage company different? We can see again from keyword research mortgage broker belfast and a BIG difference in metrics, search volumes per month.

What are backlinks?

Depending on the products or services people have different research methods. A mortgage compared to a pizza? One product may be the most expensive product of persons life and take a lifetime to pay, compared to diner.

Other Types Of Digital Channels - Marketing

Digital marketing has evoled massively over the past few years and is constantly changing, what works today may not work tomorrow. Below are some of the best ways of digital marketing today. Each marketing channel has its own strenghts and weakness. We can even combine them to use at the same time and go thermonuclear with are digital strategy.

What are backlinks?

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#My Top 7 Marketing Channels

Adwords on Bing or Google prove to be a great way to instantly generate the sales & leads you need for your business. Adwords ran well can return 3-4 times what it costs to run. Bing provides great value for money with click costs coming in cheaper and less competition, compared to Google.
Off Page SEO - On page SEO where do you start? On page SEO and getting your content just right and finding the best keywords for getting the most relevant traffic. website speed is an esstential starting point for any website owner.

Once the foundations have been laid we can start backlink building and working on off page SEO to lift the website on the search engines results pages.
It starts off with an audit of your current website, checking everything from website design and layout for products or services, website speed. How good the content is in comparsion to the top 3 online in your business sector.

This is the very first thing we do before doing anything else. There is no point in getting traffic to the website if it has below power content or loads really slowly.
Facebook is the most popular of them all, having a social presence now is vital. It gives any business a chance to engage with customers and show off the brands personality.

Instagram is my personal favourite as its more visual based. Twitter, tiktok, linkedin. You can use them all or find the best one which works for your business style.

Linkedin is great for business to business engagement and finding prospects, where facebook is great for finding customers for anything. Search engines now take into consideration mentions and shares on social platforms as a determining ranking factor on search engine results pages.
Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after google and has an average of 3 Billion searches per month.

Vimeo and twitch have also proven to be growing mediums for showcasing videographic content.
Email marketing still works and is used today, I am sure you get tons of spam emails daily. But it still converts super highly if you send enough emails, on a recent articile hubspot confirmed for every £1 spent on email marketing it returns £38 in revenues. It proves to outperform nearly everything else, theres gold in the list.
The oldest of them all, and for me personally the best one around still. If someomne has had a good experience they will tell people and refer you, I get alot of my new clients today this way.

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